All new 26-inch folding electric bike

All new 26-inch folding electric bike

We've just enjoyed a quick break for Christmas and are back into it ready for an even bigger year in 2016!

And we are pleased to announce the release of an all new folding 26-inch electric bike to the Dyson Bikes range of quality electric bikes.

The 2016 model e-bike has improved features, making one of our most popular ebikes even more versatile.

With a bigger 10.4 AH battery pack the range is improved and with 24 gears to choose from you'll be able to explore further than ever before!

Fitted with a powerful 200 Watt motor you can legally ride the bike in any Australian State or Territory with the pedal assist function or with the twist of the throttle, and this also allows us to remove the 25kph speed limiter.

You can explore the features further by clicking here or call us now on 03 9503 8880.

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