Cargo Electric Bikes – The Lowdown.

Cargo Electric Bikes – The Lowdown.

If you love the idea of getting around on a top-quality e-Bike, but have to haul lots of gear and maybe even a kid or two then an electric cargo bike is perfect for you. Traditional cargo bikes have been around since the dawn of bicycles, but due to their weight and clunky designs, they have always been hard work. Now, with the addition of an electric motor and modern design concepts, it’s a whole new ball game. They are easy, practical, safe, environmental and yes, you guessed it, fun as well.

Yuba Spicy Curry ebikeAt Dyson Bikes we sell two awesome cargo bikes from California based Yuba - the Boda Boda [featured below, in green] and the brilliantly named Spicy Curry [to the right, in white] . Both are extremely capable with the Boda Boda being able to carry a rear payload of 110kg and the Spicy Curry can carry a rear payload of 136kg – and that’s on top of the rider weight. While the Boda Boda is good for two passengers, the Spicy Curry can easily cope with three. That translates to bikes being able to carry an adult passenger or a kid or two, plus a whole heap of gear or shopping. The small rear wheel of the Spicy Curry allows for greater stability due to the lower centre of gravity and the lower rack height also makes it easier for passengers to get on and off the bike.


Yuba Boda Boda ebike

Featuring high-end motors and batteries the Boda Boda comes with Shimano Steps e6000 motor and the Spicy Curry is equipped with Bosch Performance Line CX motor and both come with perfectly matched Shimano and Bosch battery packs. Both solutions offer high torque, which makes for easy and safe riding. The phenomenal ease at which these bikes can shift heavy loads has to be experienced to be believed.


Both models also come with extremely efficient disc brakes and integrated front and rear lights, which are powered by the main battery. Extra safety and comfort features include front and rear mudguards as standard, plus the rear racks are heavy-duty and are integrated into the frame design itself. These e-bikes even have guards over the rear wheel sides to make sure the passengers keep their fingers and toes safe and sound. 

Yuba Spicy Curry loaded with family

The Spicy Curry in action - hauling kids and cargo! Safe and easy!

These electric bicycles can be further customised with a wide range of accessories and add-ons. Monkey bars or hold-ons for the kids in the back, plus padded seats for comfort. Cargo carriers and front baskets, dedicated baby seats and genuine bamboo sideboards.

However you want to deck out your Yuba cargo e-Bike, we’ll have a solution for you. Book your test ride now to experience this new generation of amazing cargo e-Bikes. For us, school drop-offs and pick-ups have never been so fun or relaxed!   

Yuba Boda Boda in action

Did you know you can always buy your Dyson electric bike online - shipping is a tiny $49 to most capital cities. Our Yuba cargo e-bikes are available from our store in Melbourne for test rides or for Victorian online customers.

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