Cycling’s latest gadget comes to Australia

Australian’s get their first chance to test the latest in cycling gadgets - the innovative GTRO bicycle gearbox from Efneo (Europe) at Melbourne’s Technology and Gadget Expo (TGE). Dyson Bikes are pleased to have this innovative gearbox available for test rides and feedback at stand 276.

Efneo’s aim is to replace the traditional, clunky front derailleur found on many bicycles. By utilising a planetary gear set, the GTRO gearbox offers the benefits of a triple chain ring, in a slick, integrated package.

The gearbox is compact and adaptable to most bicycles by simply replacing the bottom bracket.

Other benefits of the system include the ability to shift gears without pedalling, ideal for a quick get away from traffic lights.

“We’ve been testing the compact all-in-one electric bike system from Zehus and while it works well on its own, the addition of GTRO takes the system to another level.” said David Metzke, co-founder of Dyson Bikes.

“We’d love to get feedback from the public and will have our prototype bike available for test ride for visitors to our stand at the Technology and Gadget Expo (TGE),” David said.

The TGE is held this weekend, 19-20th of August at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, see for more information.

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