Dealer Spotlight - Bikemore in Perth, WA

Dealer Spotlight - Bikemore in Perth, WA

Our latest dealer spotlight is on Bikemore in Perth. Garry and his business partner came from strong retail backgrounds before branching into electric bikes and have now been operating Scootamore/ Bikemore for around 8 years.

  • What made you want to open an electric bike store?
    We realised the opportunity ahead was very encouraging for electric bikes - with the technology and styles improving etc we felt it was a chance we shouldn't miss. Riding an electric bike can save you money and is good for the environment, but it also helps keep you healthy, gets you back out enjoying life and saves a few dollars for your back pocket at the same time. I (Garry) get a great deal of personal satisfaction in providing many of our customers with their first electric bike and then seeing them return with friends or relatives to buy a second bike.

  • Were you always into bikes – or did you have a former profession? 
    For many years we were involved in the Garden Centre and landscape industries advising customers how to best save water and design gardens that are drought tolerant, offer shade and at the same time look attractive. I guess I was always into looking after the environment...In 2009 I decided to investigate alternatives to fuel hungry mobility and transport systems. It wasn’t long before I found the ecological advantages of electric bikes and what they had to offer. 
  • What is your favourite moment on an e-bike?
    On the home stretch after a long ride punching the sea breeze with no effort required.
  • Can you share a favourite customer story with us?
    Many times we sell a bike to the 'Lady of the House' and hubby comes back to buy one as he cant keep up with his wife. (DB - we hear that story a lot too!)
  • What is the most unusual / innovative / memorable uses of an e-bike you’ve heard?
    We have an 82 year old customer who has a basket on the front for her beloved dog (they are inseparable and ride everywhere), its her only transport and can't do without it. When she wants a service she rides to our shop and asks for a “full monty" as she calls it!
  • What do you think of the many laws and regulations surrounding bike riders in Australia? Eg having to wear a helmet all the time; NSW new laws around bike riders having to carry ID etc?
    Current laws are OK but I don’t think the 1 metre rule will work in Perth as many of our roads are not built to accommodate this. Having had a bad fall on my non electric bike the helmet saved serious injury so I support that rule (compulsory helmets).
  • What is your favourite holiday?
    Travelling to Busselton - 2.5 hours Sth of Perth with the camper and e-bikes to tour the bay (which is a 45 km round trip along waters edge).

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