Dealer Spotlight: Urban Pedaler in Melbourne's Bayside area

Dealer Spotlight: Urban Pedaler in Melbourne's Bayside area

Every now and then we're going to start bringing you some insights into our dealers - and what makes them so great. First up is Urban Pedaler - our first Melbourne dealer who joined us about 2 and a half years ago. Gabe Sullens is the owner and shares the spotlight with Max - the Spoodle.

  • What made you want to open a bike store?

We have a retail store with the specific vision of catering to the local community, wherever that takes us. As it develops, the road market is strong being in the Beach Road area, but I'm a big mountain biker and we have a lot of families & schools around us. This demographic drives our development. E-bikes are becoming more and more important because of all the different demographics that are becoming aware of what these bikes can do for their lifestyle; mature couples with different fitness levels riding together, professional commuters that need short distance transportation, people that would otherwise drive but are looking for convenience etc. We've opted to carry a line of Dyson because the offerings hit a very attainable price point for people entertaining an Ebike purchase, they're locally supported, and the bikes are super fun to ride. The results form test rides are impressive.

  • Were you always into bikes – or did you have a former profession?

I did 10 years of bike retail in California & recently 11 years of bicycle retail development and training for two major bike brands. It's given me the opportunity to see and experience some of the world's best bike stores and we're hoping to deliver a memorable retail environment as well as the experience of being part of a fun and supportive cycling community built around the store.

  • Do you have a store pet? Can you share a photo?

Our Spoodle Max comes in fairly regularly and greets our customers, keeps the kids occupied.

  • What is your favourite moment on an e-bike?

The first pedal-assist e-bike I rode was zippy and easy to ride, it instantly made me see what kind of people would like to ride one of these, other than the regular bike people that we usually think of.

  • Can you share a favourite customer story with us?

Gary is a regular with our shop rides, he just took up cycling last year. He's constantly talking about how much he's learned and his fitness has improved to the point that he gained the nickname "G-train" because he can ride consistently hard enough for us all to give up trying to keep up. It's really great to see new people come to the sport and find the community, fitness, health, and competitiveness that they crave.

  • Who is the most famous person you’ve ever sold a bike to?

Patrick Dempsey, Jensen Button, Robin Williams, Alannis Morrisset, take your pick. :)

  • What do you think of the many laws and regulations surrounding bike riders in Australia? Eg having to wear a helmet all the time; NSW new laws around bike riders having to carry ID etc

I agree with the helmet laws that we have in Australia, and the lighting laws here in VIC, but the license law in NSW is a bit much. People knowingly and unknowingly put themselves at risk every day, laws to curb the most common and dangerous risks are useful I believe.

  • What is your favourite holiday?

I'm a fan of the school holidays after New years, that's the time that we can get out in nature and go camping. We have a Nissan Patrol and camp trailer and love to get away form the city for a while in the good weather.

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