Electric Bikes Brisbane - new premises

Electric Bikes Brisbane - new premises

Electric Bikes Brisbane recently moved into larger premises (5 times larger to be precise!) and took this opportunity to introduce new brands - including us!

So here's a bit of info on Samantha and Nick - and why they chose to open an electric bike shop in BrisVegas.

What made you want to open an electric bike store?

Nick & I are keen cyclists - have been for over 30 years - and are also keen advocates of active transport. One day Nick was out on his road bike and got passed going up the Samford Range by an older gent in jeans. Being a little bit competitive he put in a big effort to catch him and, luckily for Nick (!) a red light pulled the older gent up. When Nick pulled up beside him he flippantly asked him if he had a motor or something. Well, the answer was yes (which made Nick feel a bit better LOL) and that got us thinking about a business that was aligned to something we were passionate about and encouraged more people to cycle. We started trialling conversion kits on a couple of our own bikes and were converted, pardon the pun. We opened at Pickering St in Enoggera 3 years ago with just 3 brands and conversion kits, and moved to a larger store in Douglas St, Milton a couple of months ago and now range over 14 brands.

Were you always into bikes – or did you have a former profession?

Yes to both. Nick first started riding as a young lad doing the paper rounds and cycling was something I got into when I was rowing competitively many years ago. We both had professional careers in management consulting with large corporates and fitted cycling and adventure racing and mountain biking in around that. Now we fit cycling in around a busy bike shop!

Do you have a store pet? Can you share a photo?

We actually have three :) We have three mini labradoodles and one is just a puppy so she has been featuring a lot on our facebook - very cute! They dont always come in to the store but if we can we take them out on deliveries with us and to demo days. (See below). It is lovely to be able to have them around and are also a good distraction if we get children in LOL.

What is your favourite moment on an e-bike?

There are many and it can depend on which bike I'm riding! I love the feeling of riding so much faster up hills - I have a 35km commute into the shop up over a couple of mountain ranges so just that feeling of not slowing to a grind for the climbs .... it's so nice because you don't lose momentum and you maintain your flow.

Can you share a favourite customer story with us?

There are many, and some amazing stories of how people using their ebikes & how ebikes are helping people to cycle again or more. I particularly love it when a customer has been able to keep riding or start riding again because of the electric assist. There are probably two stories that are really memorable to me and that I'm really proud of...

The first is when we helped a 13yo boy who loves cycling but was starting to find it a bit of a struggle as he has a rare genetic Muscular Motor Neuron condition. His Mum is an amazing woman & was really keen for him to be able to continue to ride so we customised his bike for him. It took quite a bit of work to get it right but the joy on his face when he first rode his bike was simply beautiful & 12 months later he is still riding. The second story is about an ex-competitive mountain biker who had had a bad crash a few years ago and had been unable to ride at all. He test rode a few of our bikes and it was delightful to see the realisation that he was going to be able to do what he loved again. He took his bike straight home with him on a Friday and we had agreed to deliver some extra parts to him early on Saturday morning. We pulled up at his house at 7.30am and he had been out riding for 2 hours already and was going to go out again after we left! That's what it's about - helping people to get out there and keep cycling!

What is the most unusual / innovative / memorable uses of an e-bike you’ve heard?

A lot of our ebikes have become 'cars' - our customers have sold their car or resolved never to buy a car - so we often get customers dropping by with their bikes fully loaded up with groceries & all sorts of stuff. They usually have heaps of lights and decorations so they can be quite colourful! Also, one of our customers is a competitive roller blader so he goes out training and his wife rides an ebike to pace him.

What do you think of the many laws and regulations surrounding bike riders in Australia? Eg having to wear a helmet all the time; NSW new laws around bike riders having to carry ID etc

I'm a big fan of letting adults make their own choices so my preference is for less legislation rather than more. I always choose to wear a helmet and carry ID anyway as its the sensible thing to do but that is my own opinion.

What is your favourite holiday?

Any holiday is a favourite holiday! We took our mountain bikes to the US a couple of years ago, hired a campervan and got to ride some of the epic trails in Moab, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. That was amazing - beautiful scenery, fantastic riding and some great memories. Really though, any holiday is good - we are extremely fortunate people to be able to have one! 

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