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Dyson Bikes Hard Tail Evo and Mixte – A deeper look.

Our extremely popular Hard Tail Evo and Mixte Electric Bikes have gained an excellent reputation for design, build quality and outstanding performance.

And they’re back in stock!

They truly are the does-it-all of e-bikes and they look good, while they are at it.


[Hard Tail Evo]                              

Dyson Bikes Evo and Mixte electric bikes

The Evo and Mixte have beautifully designed and engineered frames that offer a reassuring ride and have optimal frame geometry for solid handling and comfortable ride position. The precision welded alloy frames will not rust or corrode over time and are coated with a durable and stylish matte black paint. The frames also hide the battery perfectly and the battery is locked into place with a keyed lock for added security.

Our customer reviews explain everything: "I ride mine to work every day and I love it. As for traffic I can get home quicker than in the car- just LOVE my electric Dyson bike." Sara B

All models share the same 250W high-torque hub motor, which is totally maintenance-free, super reliable and extremely quiet. The motor offers six levels of power assistance, which can be quickly selected from the handlebar mounted digital display unit.

Simply hop on the bike and start pedalling and the cadence sensor will activate the motor. Stop pedalling and the motor will stop - and applying either brake lever will also immediately cut power to the motor for added safety. If you can ride a bike, you can ride a Dyson e-Bike. It’s that simple.


The specifications:

  • Battery: With both the Evo and Mixte models we now offer the choice of either an 11Ah battery at $2099 (400Wh) or if you need to ride further - the 15Ah (540Wh) at $2299. Our batteries are the same as Tesla’s - 36-Volt Lithium-ion Panasonic Cells! They’re also frame mounted and lockable.
  • Range: Modestly you could expect around 50ish km on PAS level 5 or 6 or 80ish km on PAS level 1 for the 11Ah or 70 (level 5) to 120km (level 1) with optional 15Ah battery. You can ride for 5+ hours in assist level 1.
  • Charger: 2-amp C-tick approved, charge time approx. 6-8 hours from full battery discharge
  • Motor: 250-Watt continuous power, DC brushless geared rear hub – sooo quiet too!
  • Assist Function: Pedal Assist
  • Display: Back lit LCD with 7 levels of assist (0 no assist and 6 PAS levels), power meter, battery charge indicator, trip functions
  • Gears: 8 speed Shimano Altus with Shimano cassette 12-32T, Single 46T Front Chain wheel
  • Wheels: Weimann Dyno E40 27.5” (650B) Alloy rims with angled spoke holes and fitted with Pillar Stainless steel spokes to greatly reduce the risk of spoke breakage.
  • Tyres: Kenda 2.1 Tyres with 'Slime' sealant for increased puncture protection, front quick release
  • Cadence Sensor: Enclosed type
  • Seat: Comfort gel seat comes standard, alloy adjustable 30.9mm x 400mm seat post with quick release clamp
  • Handlebars and Stem: Alloy 660mm riser swept, 70mm stem
  • Front forks: Suntour XCT
  • Weight: 24 kgs including 11Ah battery (3.4kgs)
  • Cage mount: Studs to mount ‘fabric’ brand drink bottles are located near handlebars so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road in order to get your drink
  • Pedals: VP Platform pedals are nice and wide so you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping off
  • Brakes: Tektro - 180mm disc rotor, hydraulic operated with alloy levers featuring integrated power cut outs
  • The Evo models are a great size e-bike for riders over 5 foot 5". If you're a bit on the shorter side – the Mixte model is better suited
  • Kick stand: Heavy duty centre mount.


Dyson Bikes RTC models

We recently added an RTC version to each model – where RTC stands for Rail, Trail and Commuter. Whilst our standard Evo and Mixte’s come with a choice of 11Ah or 15Ah – our RTC models only come with the larger 15Ah capacity batteries as standard.

[The Hard Tail Evo RTC]

The main specifications of our RTC models are the same as listed above however there are a few notable differences:

  • Extruded aluminium mudguards are included – these are so strong they will last plastic that will quickly become brittle under the Australian sun!
  • Awesome quality rear rack designed for panniers - and in particular the Ortlieb range - so there's no extra rattle.
  • Larger display unit with an intergrated USB charge port, battery meter, plus speed and trip distance display.


  • We also throw in powerful front and rear lights, which are operated from the handlebar mounted display unit. They contain top-grade LED chips, which have high light output, while maintaining a low current draw – plus they are powered by the bike’s main battery, so you never need to buy batteries for them or charge them up separately. The rear light also has a ‘brake light’ functionality for extra safety, flashing when either the front or rear brake is used.

        ebike-dyson-bikes-rear-light     ebike-dyson-bikes-front-light                               

  • Other finishing touches include Shimano 9-speed rear derailleur, adjustable SR Suntour XCM suspension fork with lock-out, Slime puncture sealant filled Kenda Tyres, a super comfy gel seat, disc brakes and Weimann Dyno Rims with Pillar stainless steel spokes.

Whichever Dyson Electric Bike you opt for, you can be assured of getting the very best bang-for-buck e-Bikes in Australia and with the complete packages that our RTC models offer, all you need to do is strap on a helmet and start riding, be it rain or shine, dark or light.

Stay fit and active, while having fun – is there anything better than that? Pretty unlikely.


Dyson Bikes Hard Tail Evo and Mixte – A deeper look.

Our extremely popular Hardtail Evo and Mixte Electric Bikes have gained an excellent reputation for design, build quality and outstanding performance.

And they’re back in stock!

They truly are the does-it-all of e-bikes and they look good, while they are at it.

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Future Transport - Electric Bike Challenges

We already know that many cities and regional centres are doing a lot to help improve the future of transport in Australia: higher density living surrounding train stations and providing more secure bike parking by stations to invite train users to ride to the station rather than drive.

But what are the problems riders encounter in wanting to ride their electric bike to/from the station and around their local suburb? Essentially they need to feel safe and comfortable riding around and, somewhere secure to store e-bikes whilst they travel on public transport.

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The future of transport – are electric bikes the answer?

When we think of driving across cities today – it conjures up nightmare traffic jams, accident near misses and possibly, a lot of swearing! But what do you think when we talk about crossing Melbourne, Sydney or even Los Angeles in 10- or 20-years’ time? Will everyone be peacefully transported whilst they sit ‘zen like’ in the back of their private self-driven electric vehicles? Or will we be transporting ourselves, on our pedal assisted e-bikes – still peacefully – maintaining our physical and emotional fitness and living in a more engaged community environment?

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What are the health benefits of riding an e-bike?

What are the health benefits of riding an e-bike?

It’s well known that people who exercise are far less likely to get sick than those who don’t. The risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and depression (among others!) are reduced dramatically…and yet, the majority of the population does not exercise.The reasons are valid: we are tired, busier than ever and, unfortunately, most of us aren’t that fit [...]

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