The many health benefits of riding an e-bike

The many health benefits of riding an e-bike

It’s well known that people who exercise are far less likely to get sick than those who don’t. The risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and depression (among others!) are reduced dramatically…and yet, the majority of the population does not exercise.

The reasons are valid: we are tired, busier than ever and, unfortunately, most of us aren’t that fit so the idea of taking on a serious exercise program is just too daunting!

Cycling to work has long been a go-to exercise for those of us who are already healthy and fit and now, electric bikes offer this handy solution for all!

In early 2016 an ‘actual scientific study’ was finally completed on the impact of riding an e-bike so we finally have some ‘actual scientific data’ to show you what we’ve believed all along *insert smiley face*.

The study was completed by the University of Colorado, Boulder and was published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology.  Essentially, researchers decided to see just what would happen if they gave 20 out of shape men and women electric bikes to ride to and from work. There were some guidelines they had to abide by: namely ride to and from work at least 3 times a week and wear a heart rate monitor and gps tracker.

All riders were given pedelec electric bikes – which means the rider must still pedal in order for the bike’s motor to assist you – a bit like having a really great tailwind everywhere you go. The goal was to see if an e-bike could provide a meaningful workout for people who are generally inactive and overweight.

Each volunteer had their body composition, blood sugar control, aerobic fitness, blood pressure and cholesterol checked at the start of the study and were then given their e-bike, heart rate monitor and gps and set off for the month. Each was instructed to ride for at least 40 minutes during the 3 times a week ‘ride’ and could choose the effort and assisted power that they put in.

At the end of the study it was shown that most rode more than was required, and with some intensity (approximate 75% of each person’s maximum heart rate) – showing that they were getting a workout equivalent to a brisk walk or slow jog. All the same body checks were taken again and all volunteers were fitter and healthier – with greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control and reduced body fat composition.

Many of the volunteers went on to purchase electric bikes themselves after the study, commenting it was ‘exercise that was fun’.

So, for anyone looking to re-introduce themselves to exercise again, an e-bike is a great solution!


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