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Dealer focus: Crooze Electric on the Gold Coast

<span>The Gold Coast's premier electric bike store was recently taken over by James Patten - and his dreams of electric transportation </span><span>began! We caught up with him recently and feature </span><span></span><a href="" targ
et="_blank" title="crooze electric bikes" rel="noopener noreferrer">Crooze Electric</a><span> in our blog today.</span>

The Gold Coast's premier electric bike store was recently taken over by James Patten - and his dreams of electric transportation began! We caught up with him recently and feature Crooze Electric in our blog today.

When was Crooze Electric born? How has the store grown since then?
Crooze was started by the original owner back in 2011. Since then Australia has seen a massive increase in interest in e-bikes and Crooze has grown because of this. The Gold Coast is an awesome location for riding all year long. People who once said “I would never ride an e-bike,” are now smiling from ear to ear when they realise just how fun they are. 


(Pictured above: a new Dyson Hard Tail Mixte RTC owner)

We also recently opened a new store on Bundall Road (still on the Gold Coast) and planning on more. 

James Patten outside Crooze

(Pictured above: James outside the new Gold Coast store)

What made you want to open a bike store? Was it always e-bikes?
I was always looking for something that in some way makes people’s lives better or easier and electric bikes do that, and more! In Queensland, Crooze separated itself from other stores by only stocking e-bikes and other means of electric transport and that is simply a cool idea.

Can you share a favourite customer story with us?
In my first week of owning the store, we had a local gentleman of 75 who just loved the joy of riding. Unfortunately, after an accident, he was simply not able to ride but after spending a few weeks thinking about it and trying a few different options we were able to get him back on a bike and active again.

Have there been any famous customers of Crooze?
We did recently have Andy Buckworth (a pro BMX rider @andybuckworth) in the store. This guy had some cool footage of him flipping bikes in extraordinary ways and he managed a somersault on a Super73 e-bike… Perhaps one day we get him to flip a Dyson Tilba hahaha


(Pictured above: The Dyson Tilba in acqua...maybe not for flipping!)

What do you personally love about riding an e-bike?
I'm more of a cruiser than a hardcore rider, so for me being able to enjoy the coast’s bike paths and coastline refreshes the senses and de-stresses me. And when it’s really hot, being able to stay out riding longer without having to work as hard is a huge plus.


(Pictured above: the new Crooze Electric store on the Gold Coast, Australia)