Battery Care

Battery care

The battery of your Dyson e-bike uses a Lithium–ion construction and some care is needed to maintain the battery’s peak performance and provide a long service life.

Here are our top tips for getting the best out a battery pack.

1. Keep your cool.

Like us, an e-bike battery likes to be kept at a reasonable temperature, around 10-20 degrees Celsius is just right. Avoid parking your bike in direct sunlight, or leaving in a hot car.

2. Keep up the charge.

If you have ridden your Dyson e-bike and the charge is low, charge up the battery as soon as is practical before storing. If you haven't used your bike for 3-months, take the time to recharge the battery.

The battery is equipped with a Battery Management System, (BMS for short) which prevents over charging and stops the battery discharging beyond a voltage which could potentially cause damage to the cells. Once fully charged, remove the battery from the charger.

3. Use the correct charger.

Never use a charger which wasn't designed for the battery.

4. Keep dry.

Avoid water and moisture from entering the battery. Use a damp micro-fibre cloth to clean your e-bike, never a hose.


If you have any other questions on battery care, please get in touch.