Electric bikes outsell their traditional counterparts in the Netherlands


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Think of Holland and a few things come to mind immediately – tulips, windmills and bikes. They are an immensely popular way to get around and are deeply rooted in the Dutch culture. A huge milestone has now been crossed with e-bikes outselling traditional bikes for the first time and, it would appear this will remain to be the case into the future. At Dyson Bikes we’re not surprised – e-bikes offer you the benefits of traditional bikes in the way of freedom, convenience and keeping fit. Put simply e-bikes make riding bikes even more fun and can help you with hills and headwinds or get you back on the bike when recovering from injury. What's not to love about that?

The Netherlands is home to 17 million people and 22.5 million bicycles – more than one for each man, woman and child. Last year the Dutch spent about AU$ 1.91 billion on bicycles and about AU$ 1.31 billion of that was on e-bikes. Or to put this into numbers, it amounts to a huge 409,000 e-bikes in total, which is an impressive 40% increase on 2017.

[Pictured above - the normal way to transport a family in Holland]

When e-bikes were fist launched, much of the Dutch mindset was that they were for older people, but as more and more people across all age groups ride e-bikes, their next bike purchase is inevitably an e-bike. In Australia we are somewhat lagging on the Dutch numbers and while we also don’t have the same culture of riding bicycles, it is an inevitable fact that we will also sell more e-bikes every coming year – it’s a no-brainer. Many of our customers at Dyson Bikes have ridden their friend’s or relatives’ Dyson e-bike and once they experience the ride, they buy one for themselves.

The Dutch think nothing about spending around AU$1,600 on a traditional bicycle and around twice that on an e-bike. By way of comparison, the Dyson Bikes range from $1,899 to $2,699. Dutch people also value quality and are willing to invest in a product that will serve them well and last a long time. 2019 is off to an excellent start in the Netherlands again with a market survey of 271 bicycle shops reporting a 16 percent sales increase on the same period in 2018 – and the majority of that is also down to e-bikes.

[Pictured here the stunning Tilba e-bike from Dyson Bikes]

If you are curious to find out more about the benefits and downright fun that e-bikes offer, contact Dyson Bikes or one of our dealers around Australia to arrange a test ride.