Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Service

To ensure that your electric bike provides you with safe and happy riding it is important to maintain it regularly.

This won't take a lot of effort as no maintenance is required of the electrical components beyond keeping the battery in good condition, learn more about this topic here.

But, like a normal pedal bicycle you'll need to check fasteners, bolts and screws are tight and that brakes and gears are operating correctly.

You'll find that in the first few rides the brake will bed in and need adjustment to work effectively.

You may also find that some adjustment is needed to the gears to keep them shifting smoothly.

If you are unsure of how to make these adjustments we suggest a visit to a trained bicycle repair mechanic or feel free to call us, we're happy to help.


Once you're done wipe the bike down with a damp microfibre cloth, to keep it looking good. Never use a hose or pressure washer as you'll remove good lubricant from bearing, chains and other components. 

Wheel removal 

If you need to remove the hub driven wheel it is only requires the motor to be unplugged, then it is practically the same as removing a wheel from a traditional bicycle. You can watch this video for further guidance.

If you have an issue with your electric bike, check out technical support page for help.