Wheel Care

Wheel Care

This information is provided to ensure you maximise your riding experience and avoid any problems. If you need any further information on the operation of your e-bike please discuss with your Dealer or call us directly on 03 9532 3132, or via the contact us page.


All Dyson electric bikes since 2013 models are fitted with high quality 13 gauge stainless steel spokes and high quality rims from Alex or Weinmann alloy rims for long life and resistance to corrosion. Spokes work on tension and effectively the axle is supported from the top of the wheel, rather under compression from the bottom of the wheel where it contacts the road as you may think.

The 13 gauge spokes fitted to a Dyson electric bike are thicker than those you find on a regular bicycle to help deal with the extra load imposed on the bike by adding an electric motor. They are ‘laced’ by hand then tensioned and ‘trued’ by a specialised robotic machine to a very high tolerance. Generally they require little or no maintenance; however it is important to check them regularly for your safety and reliability.

When your electric bike is new, take the time to get a feel for the correct spoke tension by squeezing them together with your hand. They should be tight, but still able to flex. If they are too tight they have no room to move and this may lead to the spoke being overstressed and a failure requiring the damaged spoke to be replaced. Conversely, if a spoke is loose this may lead to failure of adjacent spokes, and ultimately buckling of the rim.

If you find a spoke which is incorrectly tensioned and in need of adjustment, adjust with great care as it is easy to throw the wheel out of alignment. If you are not confident to make the adjustment, we highly recommend returning the bike back to your nearest Dyson Bikes dealer or trained bicycle mechanic. If you do attempt to adjust yourself make small adjustments - just a quarter of a turn at a time - and check the wheel frequently for run out.

Riding style

The most common cause of wheel damage relates to riding style. With the additional power provided by the electric motor you’ll find you spend a lot more time sitting on the bike seat, versus standing up on the pedals. This is great for comfort and enjoyment of riding; however it does significantly increase the load on the rear wheel when sharp bumps are hit, which may lead to wheel rim and spoke damage. If possible try to stand on the pedals and rise off the seat a little (allowing your knees to bend) when riding over large or sharp bumps - this will greatly reduce the chance of damaging the wheel rim and spokes. If this is not practical for you, fitting a suspension seat post may also assist with reducing the stress on the rear wheel and will increase riding comfort as an additional benefit.


Your new electric bike is covered for manufacturing defects for 12-months and we will gladly remedy any such problems during this period. However, please note wheel or spoke damage is most commonly caused by impact damage and is not covered under the terms of the warranty.