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Bike Lights

Be seen with a bicycle light from Knog, Bookman and Azur!

Bike lights fall into two main categories - lights that merely make you visible to other road users and lights that actually light the road and terrain in front of you.

Lights, such as Knog Blinder Dots, Knog Plus, Knog Cobbers and Bookman Blocks fall into the first category of allowing other to see you easily. These are designed to better lit streets and alike as they do not project a hugely bright beam to light the road.

Knog PWR range and Knog Blinder 600, 900 and 1300, Knog Blinder Road and Bookman Volume 1500 do light the road in front of you, so these types of lights are recommended for use on darker roads or if you are simply seeking that extra level of visibility.

Whether you ride and electric bike or a regular bike, the importance of good front and rear lights cannot be overstated for that extra level of safety.
Lighting power is measure in lumens and in order to start lighting the road in front of you, you should be looking at lights above 400 lumens.