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Bike Racks and Luggage Carriers

Adding a good quality bike rack to your bicycle or electric bike will open up a whole new world of possibilities on to how you use your bike.

You can add panniers or a basket to shift loads with ease and given an appropriate load rating, even a child seat. in order to take 'Junior' for a ride.

Racks by Tubus from Germany are some of the most highly respected racks you can get. The boffins at Tubus bend wafer thin steel tubes into impeccably designed racks, which are handmade and next-level surface finished. Tubus racks are tested to an almost obsessive degree to ensure years of trouble-free ownership, even in heavy-duty daily use. Titanium options are also available for extremely low weight and seriously tough construction.

Ortlieb's Rack Three and Quick Racks are consistent best sellers for a good reason as they are made to last and the Quick Racks come on and off your bike in seconds to offer extra versatility. Ortlieb Quick Racks are also designed to be integrated with Ortieb's Quick Rack Mudguards. Put the rack/guard on your bike Monday to Friday for commuting and take it off at the weekend!

Azur's disc brake compatible racks are great budget conscious options without losing the ability to haul heavy loads - the Heavy-Duty Azur Disc Brake Combatable rack is rated to 30kg, while the Azur Touring Carrier can safely carry up to 25kg.

For lighter loads, a seatpost mounted rack makes for a great option and is quickly removed when needed.