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Electric Bikes | Australia | Dyson Bikes

Welcome to our selection of high quality and great value for money Dyson electric bikes. Built from carefully selected components, these e-bikes are designed for safety, comfort, performance and good looks. Our range caters for a wide range of riders and covers folding bikes, unisex bikes, mountain bikes and classic city bikes. But you have been warned – once you ride an ebike, there’s no going back.

While e-bikes make your ride easier and more pleasant, you still get a good dose of exercise and by adjusting the amount of assistance you can strike the perfect balance between your pedalling and the bike’s motor assistance. Turn up the assistance for an easier ride or dial it down if you’re feeling brave.

Take the toil out of your commute, put the pleasure into your leisure rides, take the scenic route and see more, pop to the shops, get back into exercise, ride to a post-injury recovery – whatever the reason, you can guarantee more fun on an electric bike.

Call us on 03 9532 3132 to arrange a test ride or for any questions you might have - or contact one of our DEALERS closer to you.