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Bike Tubes

We stock quality bicycle tubes from Mitas, Schwalbe and Vee Rubber. Use the filter on the left to assist with selection.

Choose your valve type either Presta, (French valve) or Schrader, (Car/Auto type).

Then the wheel size. This can be confusing as some tubes will cover multiple sizes, for example a 29-inch is actually a 28-inch rim also known as a 700C... And a 27.5-inch can be referred to as a 650B. The Schwalbe SV19 can suit any of these rims... 

What are Schwalbe Bike Tubes made from?

Butyl - it is ideal as a material for bicycle tubes. The synthetic rubber is extremely airtight, elastic at all temperatures and reliably absorbs vibrations and shocks. At Schwalbe we use butyl in many of our bicycle tubes and, by adding other, specially selected materials, we create a perfect compound for durability and the best riding characteristics. Thanks to the elasticity of butyl, it is suitable as a standard material for bike tubes of all sizes and can be processed in the desired shape and thickness.

In addition, butyl bicycle tubes, like all Schwalbe ebike tubes, are 100% recyclable and can easily be reused as an admixture when processed. This conserves resources and contributes to a closed recycling cycle. Schwalbe pay particular attention to sustainability and have received multiple awards in this area. More information about sustainability and recycling at Schwalbe can be found at .
Schwalbe tubes are also suitable for use on Electric Bikes