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Bike Suspension Seatposts and Shims

Having a comfortable riding experience can be the difference between getting on you bike often - or not so often.

Adding a suspension seatpost can entirely transform your ride, taking bumps and other road vibrations out of your ride. The ride becomes much smoother and can also reduce fatigue.

The SR Suntour NCX and Satori Harmony LT2 posts have standard 7mm rails and are compatible with just about all bicycle seats. They are also easily adjusted to accommodate for body weight and the terrain to customise them for you.

Please ensure the post diameter is EXACTLY the same as your bike's frame. If, for example, your frame is built for a 31.6mm seatpost then your seatpost MUST be 31.6mm.

You can, however, use a shim to accommodate a smaller seatpost into a larger frame. For example, if your frame is built for a 30.4mm seatpost then you can use a 27.2mm seatpost with a 27.2mm to 30.4mm shim. A 30.9mm seatpost will NOT fit.

We are not obliged to change a seatpost that was incorrectly ordered and urge you to get in touch if in doubt before placing your order.