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Bike Mirrors

Cars have rear view mirrors. Motorbikes have rear view mirrors. Bicycles... yes, most don't, but that doesn't stop you from making this super-easily installed addition to your e-bike. The fact is that roads are getting busier and it adds a great sense of safety and security to be able to see what's behind you with a quick glance without taking your eyes off the road while turning your head around.

Modern cars are also getting very quiet, with hybrids and especially electric cars being virtually silent. This means that often we simply can't 'hear them coming' - until they are extremely close. Or right next to you.

Mirrors such as Dyson Bikes mirror, Azur Focus and Optic are designed to mount onto the handlebars. Mirrors such as the Mirrycle Mirror are designed to fit inside the end of the handlebars.

Some mirrors are flat, which gives you a true representation of the traffic behind you, while some mirrors are convex, meaning they show a wide-angle view for a larger field of vision.