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Bike Saddles and Child Seats

A bike seat can make or break the deal. There's no escaping it - it's where you sit. An uncomfortable seat is sure to ruin each and every ride, whereas a comfortable seat with the right support can elevate the experience like nothing else.

A bike seat is also a very personal choice. What's good for one person might not suit the next. With this is mind, we carry a wide range from Azur, Acentia, Endzone, Velo, Ergon and of course our own Dyson Bikes seats. All mount on industry standard 7mm rails and swapping them over is very quick and easy.

When it comes to child seats, we offer Swedish designed Thule seats, which are legendary for their Scandinavian safety and offer well thought out functionality. We also offer Polisport child seats from Portugal with a history stretching back to 1978.

Just because 'the little one' can't ride a bike yet doesn't mean you can't take them for a ride!