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Bike Alarms, Locks and Security Products

Safety first - security very close second!

You absolutely owe it to yourself to invest in a good solid lock for your bicycle or e-bike. No matter how you look at it, it's more cost effective than buying a new bicycle.

A poor-quality lock can be compromised with $20 bolt cutters in a few seconds and in almost complete silence. If anything, a poor lock can result in nothing more than a false sense of security, which is subsequently found out the hard way.

Of course, you must be realistic with how far you go. For example, the OnGuard Beast comes in at 4kg, so it is bulky and heavy, but it looks so intimidating that 99% of would-be thieves will be unlikely to even attempt to compromise it. The other 1% will wish they hadn't.

Plate locks, such as those from ETook and Seaty Lock offer high levels of protection, but at a much lower weight (various models available).

U Lock's, sometimes called D locks offer the highest levels of secuity, the Seaty Lock Mason range has you covered here.

Knog's Scout is a genius device, which not only acts as a bike alarm, but also employs Apple's FindMy technology, which can help be tracked/found, should it be stolen. When used in conjunction with a high-grade lock, it offers an extra layer of security.

The AirBell is a bike bell that functions as a normal bell, but it can hide an Apple AirTag inside it for use with Apple's FindMy technology.

It all comes down to the level of risk you expose your bike to. We are happy to discuss your requirements, so by all means get in touch!