How to choose the right Dyson e-Bike for you?

How to choose the right Dyson e-Bike for you?

When you’re buying a new car - you probably shop around, test drive a couple of models - and make sure you feel comfortable in the driver’s seat. We recommend you do the same when shopping for e-Bikes as the range and variety can be bewildering and you want to make sure you get the right bike for you and your needs. Let’s take a look at the things you’ll need to consider before departing with your hard-earned cash!

First things first – what are you going to use the bike for?
This might seem obvious, but careful consideration at this stage will set you on the right path. For many, cycling is a casual pastime and a means to pop to the shops, ride to a friend’s house or a café and maybe even commute to work. Our Tilba and Bondi e-bikes are perfect get-around bikes for the city and the step through frames make sure they are easy to hop onto. Both models come with rear racks as standard (which can carry up to 25 kg - for child seats, extra baskets etc) and can also accommodate handlebar mounted baskets or carriers. They come with a choice of batteries, either 11.6Ah or 15Ah and lights and mudguards are also included as standard. Charge up and you’re ready to hit the streets. If you’re wanting to buy an electric city bike, look no further!

Dyson Bikes Tilba city e-bike $1999Dyson Bikes Bondi city e-bike $1999

(Above) Dyson Bikes Tilba (on left) and Bondi (right) e-Bikes with step through frames

For that cross-over cyclist, who wants to do the above, but also perhaps ride some trails and rougher roads, we would recommend our Hardtail Evo or Hardtail Mixte bikes. They are well equipped and the front suspension softens the load on your shoulders for any bumps you’ll hit. Both models also offer two battery capacities with the 15Ah battery giving you well in excess of 100km riding range. The Mixte model has more of a step through frame design, which makes it easier for shorter riders to mount, while the Evo is closer to a ‘traditional’ frame design.

Our Hardtails also now have new RTC (Road, Trail, Commuter) models - in both Evo and Mixte designs, which add extruded aluminium mudguards, racks and lights (front, rear/brake) to the package. If you think you might wish to commute (and have a mix of terrains on the journey) and want something that can cope with all weather and road conditions, then you have just found your match.

Hardtail Evo RTC ebike by Dyson Bikes  Hard tail Mixte RTC ebike by Dyson Bikes $2699

(above) Dyson Bikes Hardtail Evo RTC (on left) and Mixte RTC (right) e-Bikes – fully equipped

Some of us want to ride bikes, but are short on storage space or are travelling and for that type of rider we have a few top-grade solutions – our Adventure Folding 20” and 26” models. Both offer outstanding frame design with secure locking mechanisms and the ride quality of a solid-frame bike, but within seconds they fold down to a very small and manageable package for easy storage and transport in either your boot or caravan.

Adventure folding e-bike 26" in orange starting at $1999   Adventure folding 20" ebike in blue by Dyson Bikes $1899

(above) Dyson Bikes Adventure Folding 26” (on left in orange) and 20” (right in blue) folding e-Bikes

Then there’s the ‘serious riders’, off road mountain bike riders who will hammer up and down mountains all day or lycra clad road riders who ride hundreds of kilometres (on sealed roads) a week, have pistons for legs and tanks for lungs. And yes, these riders will already know a thing or two about bicycle choice, but not all of them have experienced the exhilarating experience offered by our go-anywhere BESV TRB1 fully suspended mountain e-Bike. New to the range of off road electric mountain bikes (e-mtb) in Australia, the BESV is the ultimate in design and performance - and only available from Dyson Bikes.

Then there is the Orbea Gain range of road e-Bikes, which to look at, you wouldn’t even know were electric. But for those riders with injuries, or who haven’t exercised in a while, or who are just starting to struggle up those hills - the range of Gain road bikes is absolutely worth looking at.

Nowadays, even these two hardcore categories have now had their eyes opened to the world of e-Bikes.

BESV off road e-mtb from Dyson Bikes Australia   orbea road e-bike available from Dyson Bikes Australia

Our all-conquering BESV TRB1 e-mtb (on left) and Orbea Gain road D30 e-Bike (right)

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so it is important to give your next e-bike purchase some careful consideration. At Dyson Bikes you’ll be dealing with a straightforward Australian family business, who are passionate and knowledgeable about all things e-Bike. We can help you with the choice, the setup and even accessories to personalise your ride - to ensure every ride is enjoyable. 

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