What our customers say

Over the years we've heard from a lot of customers. The smiles and stories are what we love about this business. 

I purchased this ebike as a gift for my wife. The delivery dispatch was so efficient that it arrived a week early for her birthday. We assembled it with ease in no more than 10mins. 

I have test ridden other e-bikes that were twice the price and this one is superior and half the price!

The battery life is also outstanding, after the first initial charge we've done around 40kms on the odometer and we still have 4 out of 5 bars of power left on the display. Speaking of the display it is easily visible without being too large. The functions of the display panel are very user friendly.

Anyone in the market for an ebike should seriously checkout the Dyson range before spending a small fortune on something similar at a bike shop thats nearly twice the price.

The folding aspect on this model is great for both storage and transport. The folding frame feels just as rigid as a non folding bike, a genuine feel of quality. 

Very happy with both the e-bikes and the level of customer service we have received thus far.


My Hard Tail has paid for itself with zero tram fares, parking, petrol, traffic fines, parking, wear and tear on my car etc etc. 
....and I save a heap of travel time and feel so superior passing 100 s of traffic jammed cars on my trips into the city.
Keep up the revolution!

I ride mine to work everyday and I love it. As for traffic I can get home quicker than in the car- just LOVE my electric Dyson bike.

Rode today and got 77kms from the 8.8ah battery... impressed with Dyson (Bikes)!

Thanks so much - I'm loving the new bike.  My only issue is that my wife tried it and now she always wants to borrow it!

To say I am impressed with Dyson Bikes customer service is an understatement. Fantastic Dyson (Bikes), and you Dave for your service excellence. I wish all companies had the same level of care, and attention to detail that you do!

I'm on 90km and still have charge on my 12ah battery. This bike is everything they say it is.

I wish my new car with it's hopeful fuel economy figures were a good as the estimates of battery life on the Hardtail. You said 50-70km, well I got 50 (exactly) lugging my 115kg frame up and down Adelaide linear Park over 2 1/2 hours yesterday. For the technically minded I was using PAS 1. Well done, I do like the bike and reckon it's the best I've seen at any price.

I bought the new 2016 Hard Tail model, it is an absolutely awesome bike, and David took me through how the bike works and what has been improved in the bike when I did the test ride. Customer service is amazing overall, Thanks a lot David :-)

Just had the Bike delivered today and rode it about 15km around the city, to the store and everything and I am beyond impressed.   The bloke said it'd blow me away, and it certainly did.  I barely had to do anything and it was pushing 20km/ph.  Now THAT is phenomenal.  A VERY smooth ride and the motor is so quiet you'd never know it's there. Thank you for an INCREDIBLE product.  The Hardtail is an absolute pleasure to ride.

I was very impressed with Bondi Step Through e-bike I bought. The service after the sale was first class. I travel from Docklands to Hughesdale every evening and this bike has cut my travel times almost in half (without commuting on the crowded train). I never passed anyone with my old bike but with the Dyson e-bike, it feels so good when I overtake someone. Highly recommend this product to everyone. I am now saving enough money to purchase another e-bike for my sister.

David and Naomi run a very professional and organised operation. Nothing is too much trouble, and they were very helpful organising a test ride and with after-sales service. I purchased the 20" folding bike as it folds neatly into a small boot, and the handle-bars fold down and even the pedals fold away neatly. The bike itself is extremely well made - very strong and a good-looking European design at the same time. The entire range appears similarly well made - better than a lot of the brands currently on the market. The best thing is to speak to them yourself, and check out the range as I know you will be impressed, especially if you have seen some of the other e-bikes around.

I'm absolutely delighted with my new Bondi bike. It rides beautifully.

I feel as if I am 30 years younger riding this bike and it is easy and quiet.  I do not need to add much power and now love going up the hills!

I am impressed by the quality of the bike – it feels as solid as the proverbial outhouse and rides really, really well.

We had a ride yesterday arvo & another this morning & we are totally rapt with them!

Living 5 kms west of town... and 5 kms east of the beach... in somewhat hilly terrain, I'm finding at 70 my eBike has literally changed my lifestyle for the better.  In the last six weeks, in fact, I've rarely driven either of our cars or ridden either of my motorcycles.



"Just wanted to say how rapt I am in the Thredbo. Very different to ride but everything I wanted. 34km in and still on 50% on reasonably big hills. Thanks again, can't get the smile off my face" Colin


 "Having a bad knee and living in the hills of the Dandenongs the Dyson E bike has given me a new lease on life. I can't walk more than 1km without limping but I can ride for over 20kms with no pain. Living in a hilly environment was impossible for me to ride a standard Mountain bike, not with the E-bike, rode down the Mountain into Ferntree Gully the other day and made it home without needing to get off the bike, except for a coffee at the local cafes." Carmen B


""We just bought an Evo and a Bondi from Onya Bikes in Canberra. ROde the Evo home...amazing...looking forward to using it more and more." Robert