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E-Bike car carriers - take your ride for a drive.

E-Bike car carriers - take your ride for a drive.

Taking your bike - or several - on a car road trip is a great way to make sure you can easily get around on your bike once you have reached your destination. Towball mounted options are usually best for electric bikes as they are easier than roof racks to get your bike onto and they are capable of carrying a heavier load securely. This also leaves your car roof with the option of fitting a rack for more gear for longer trips, plus not having tall bikes on your roof keeps the overall height of the car lower.

Naturally you'll need a towball on your car and if you don't have one, your dealer or car mechanic will be able to take care of supplying and installing not just the towball, but also the necessary wiring for your rear lights, indicators and reversing lights, which are included with your car carrier - not too dissimilar from regular trailer lights.

E-Bikes are a tad heavier than traditional bikes and therefore you need to ensure your choice of rack is rated to take the weight of your bikes. And speaking of weight, you also have to make sure you can easily get your bikes on and off the rack. Some models are compatible with loading ramps that simply hook onto the rack and allow you to wheel your bike into position without even having to lift it up. Some ramps are also able to be folded down to make them easier to pack away when not in use. We're always happy to advise you on your options and ramp compatibility.

The wheels simply strap down and the bikes are secured with arms that hold each bike upright and secure. Good carriers will have locks on each arm to lock the bikes into place and also will feature a keyed locking mechanism to lock the carrier to the tow ball. You can always enhance the security by using standard bicycle locks.

All good car carriers, such as Thule, Yakima and Ezigrip models are very quick to mount on the tow ball with no tools required and they will also lock into place with a keyed lock for extra security. If you leave your bikes out of sight we also recommend using bike locks to lock them to the actual carrier. The carriers can also tilt out of the way with the bikes still attached, so you can access your car's boot or tailgate for easy access.

From a legal perspective, you must ensure your number or a so called 'auxiliary plate' plate is visible at all times and your rear lights on your carrier function as intended. Local laws can vary from state to state, so it pays off to spend a few minutes online to check the states that apply to you, including the ones you might visit.

So the next time you decide to head off on a road trip, be sure to take your bikes with you and here at Dyson Bikes we're always happy to help you out to make sure you get the best bike carrier for your needs.