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Folding bike locks - tough, compact and convenient

Folding bike locks are becoming more and more popular due to their practicality as they fold right down to save space when not in use, making them easier to transport. Once opened up, they have a long reach and with their flexible design they can reach around objects that D-Locks and U-Locks simply can't. A high quality plate lock can give you a great deal of protection, but without the inconveniences of a heavy D-Lock or a chain lock.

The ETook ET490L plate lock ships with its own mounting bracket, which can be simply screwed onto a bottle cage mount. Alternatively, when this isn't possible, the bracket can be mounted into various other locations with the supplied straps. While many D-Locks do come with mounting brackets, due to the larger size of the locks, they will always have more limited mounting options.

A good quality plate lock will have hardened rivets to hold the plates together and always look for a lock with recessed rivets (as seen above), so they cannot be worked on with chisels or bolt cutters. Hardened steel is naturally the choice of plate material and a good quality plate lock will have its plates housed in a soft plastic or rubberised covers to protect the bike from scratches.

Another great advantage of the ET490L is the way the lock can be placed into and taken out of the side of the bracket. This makes it further practical to mount this lock in the tightest of spaces as there's no need to have much clearance at the top of the bracket, which is how most other plate locks get in and out of their brackets.

The ETook ET490L opens out to 900mm when unlocked, so it has a lot of reach to get around larger objects to lock your bike onto - yet it folds down to an overall length of less than 20cm. With a weight of around 1kg, which is more or less unnoticed when mounted onto your bike frame, the ET490L is a great option to add to your shortlist of bike locks.

For the ETook ET490L plate lock and other great deals on bicycle security, be sure to get in touch for our experienced and unbiased advice on how to get the most out of your cycling.