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Look after your hands with Ergon grips

If your bicycle grips resemble these little beauties then it's time to address the issue with high quality Ergon grips.

We ask for a lot from our hands. They need to be agile, sensitive and nimble - yet very tough, strong and resilient. Hand and wrist soreness and numbness is all too common with riders and yet much of it can be avoided by using the right type and size of a well fitted grip.

Ergon from Germany have addressed this issue head on with a comprehensive range of grips suitable for e-bikes and traditional bicycles. As the company's name would suggest, their designs are extremely ergonomic and comfortable, relieving undue pressure on the rider's hands. With correct alingnment it is also easy to achieve an optimal wrist position to make sure each ride is comfortable and safe with no undue fatigue.

The design and engineering behind Ergon products is second to none and their choice of materials always puts a focus on the highest levels of quality. All materials are tested for purity, mechanical stress, deterioration and environmental simulation. In addition Ergon products are extensively tested in the most demanding real world conditions from road racing to mountain biking and downhill.



The range includes grips for road and hybrid bikes with or without bar ends and are available in Ergon's unique UV resistant rubber compound or Ergon's unique BioKork, which contains 40% natural cork material and 20% of the inner support has its plastic replaced by a material derived from grass fibres. Strong, practical and environmentally sound.



When choosing your next set of bicycle grips, you owe it to yourself to check out the Ergon range. With prices starting at under $50, using Ergon's market leading designs do not need to break the bank. Or your hands.

Our range of Ergon's unique and innovative grips can be found RIGHT HERE.