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Dyson Bikes - Linear Power Control made simple

How constant power delivery improves your ride.

Dyson Bikes – Linear Power Control Made Simple

All Dyson Bikes feature our unique Linear Power Control – or LPC. Here we’ll give you a super-simple explanation of what it is and more importantly, why it makes for smoother rides with better control.

First, we have to look at how batteries hold their charge. When full, they are at their highest voltage, but as soon as we begin to draw power from a battery the voltage starts to drop. Some of the drop is simply due to the battery depleting over time until it’s flat, while some of the drop can be momentary under a higher load. Simply put, batteries do not deliver a constant voltage.

The only formula we’ll throw at you here is: POWER = VOLTAGE x CURRENT

In a constant current controller system as the voltage decreases, the power will decrease accordingly. Lower the voltage, lower the power output – and this is particularly evident on hill climbs and headwinds as the extra load will further lower the battery voltage.

Dyson Bikes LPC automatically adjusts the current to compensate for any voltage fluctuations, which allows our bikes to deliver constant power, whether you’re accelerating, hill climbing or getting towards the end of the battery’s charge. In the highest assist mode LPC is automatically disengaged to allow maximum power output.

The Dyson Linear Power Control is another example of our attention to detail and ability to offer our customers more refined e-bikes for a comfortable and reassuring ride experience. A quick test ride of one of our bikes will quickly demonstrate the clear advantage of having constant power on tap.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have on our Linear Power Control or any other aspect of our e-bikes and accessories.