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The simple, safe and discreet storage for your Apple AirTag on the bike. Made of extra-rugged, fibre-reinforced plastic.

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Design Team

Christopher & Valentin

Two friends who are united not only by their passion for bicycles but also by their biographies actually work together on completely different, usually much larger projects. They both studied sculpture in Vienna, where they share a studio. There they also produce for architects, cultural institutions or exhibitions, such as most recently the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2021.

Christopher and Valentin

 Christopher and Valentin in their studio

In May 2021, just a few weeks after Apple announced the AirTag, the two bike lovers from Vienna thought: the thing has to go on the bike, the only question was how? 

And because the AirTag is really very difficult to hide inconspicuously, the idea of the AirBell was quickly born, a bell mounted on the handlebars, clearly visible and so self-evident that no one could get the idea that it contains a tracker.