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We are Basil. We love to see you enjoying your bike. That’s why we make beautiful and functional cycling accessories that will encourage you to ride your bike more often. Because cycling is good for you and helps provide your daily dose of happiness and exercise.

It all started 40 years ago, when Ine van Dam walked into Nico van Balveren’s bike shop. She was looking for a wicker basket for her bicycle. Nico developed the basket and made Ine very happy with it. And, most importantly, the basket allowed her to enjoy her bike rides even more.

Not much has changed since then in our family company. Our passion is coming up with products that make cycling more attractive and more fun. Always based on your wishes.

We want to understand why and when you cycle. As well as why and when you don’t. We learn from this every day. And we combine it with our sense for quality, style and functionality. Together, we can spread the cycling joy. Will you join us?

On behalf of the Basil Team,
Marthijn van Balveren