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MINOURA was founded in 1933 and manufacturers high quality bicycle accesories in Japan.

2023 marks MINOURA’s 90TH anniversary. We are very proud of our long history of producing exceptional products that are used around the world. We would like to thank all of our manufacturing, wholesale, and trading partners that have helped make our longevity possible. We look forward to your continued support now and into the future.

In the beginning Minoura produced carrier stands exclusively for OEM customers in Japan. These carries were original equipment on many Japanese vehicles of the day and business grew. During the late 1940’s Japan began producing products in earnest and Minoura began developing and expanding our product offerings to include bicycle products for both the domestic and overseas markets. Tremendous effort went into developing and producing innovative new products such as adjustable work stands, bicycle transport systems for cars, three roller trainers, bottle cages, and eventually, the magnetic eddy current trainer, now known worldwide as the MAGTURBO system.

In 1988 Minoura patented and began selling the MAGTURBO trainer, a system using a permanent magnet on a fixed training stand. MINOURA continues to refine the magnetic trainer even after more than 25 years by listening to riders and the marketplace worldwide. Now, we have evolved from the basic unit in 1988 to our LIVERIDE series that continues the long tradition of innovation, value, quietness, and performance MINOURA pioneered so many years ago.

MINOURA continuously strives to keep on top of the changing developments in the cycling world and maintain the highest level of manufacturing not found in other parts of the world. MADE IN JAPAN still means highest quality.

Bicycle use has changed greatly in the last 10 years but we see a bright future in cycling and stay committed to developing products that everyone can understand. MINOURA will continue to enhance product development and planning to keep our 80 year promise of delivering great, well-built products.