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A lock is only as good as it’s weakest link. And where some locks secure only one side of the shackle, OnGuard’s patented X4P Quattro Bolt, X2P Double Bolt and X2P Dual Lock Down mechanisms secure both sides for a double-redundant system that resists attack from pulling, jacking and prying. And OnGuard’s user-settable SBC Steel Ball Combo locks feature a high security click gear system that resists picking and pulling. Simply put, OnGuard lock technology means maximum security.


Of course OnGuard locks offer the best security in the business. But beyond that OnGuard locks are packed with user- friendly, value added features that make closing the sale a slam dunk. From the pick, pull, drill and bump-proof protection of the new Z-Cylinder to new double rubber coatings to the new Twist Lock mounting bracket, nobody gives you more than OnGuard.