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Project Flock

Biomotion is the name given to the movement of living things, and thanks to thousands of years of evolution, our brains are hard-wired to recognise it really quickly. Gunnar Johansson, a Swedish perceptual psychologist was one of the first people to study and document this phenomena.

So how does this help you on a bike?

Firstly, it helps you to be seen sooner. Studies from Clemson University have shown that we can recognise a cyclist’s highlighted biomotion up to **5.5x sooner** than we can recognise a static rear bike light.

Secondly, it helps you to be recognised as a human. An Australian study conducted in 2019 found that over 50% of motorists saw cyclists as **“less than human”.** It also showed a strong link between how road users saw each other and how they treated each other. It proved that safety was about much more than just visibility; it was about building empathy and awareness on our roads.

This is the reason why the innovative design behind the FLOCK LIGHT is focused on your human motion, not just on being bright. A regular tail light might make you visible, but it only shows you as a flashing red point. That can make it really hard for a motorist to distinguish you from the other flashing red points around them. By shining light down onto your moving legs, the Flock Light distinguishes you immediately from your surroundings, and highlights you as a human on a bike.