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SATORI has been a leading supplier to the bicycle industry for almost 40 years, with a focus on providing innovative handlebars, stems and seat posts to bicycle assemblers and consumers globally. As could be expected from one of the world’s largest component manufacturers, we are equipped with world-class research, design and production facilities, as well as the experience to back it up. Above all though, a passion for riding is the driving force behind our company direction and it is this deep rooted ‘bicycle-minded’ philosophy that fuels the development of exciting new ideas at SATORI Taiwan.

SATORI is taken from a Japanese Buddhist term that means “awakening”. True to our name, we are constantly re-awakening ourselves to new ideas and providing creative yet practical solutions to the bicycle world. We take pride in designing components to makethe cycling experience more fun, comfortable or faster for a widerange of riders— from city commuters to trekking enthusiasts to serious racers.

We have succeeded in harnessing key technologies, such as our unique butted handlebar forming techniques, to provide designs that are among the strongest, lightest and most stylish on the market. As a pioneer in the Taiwan bicycle components industry, our ISO-certified facilities continue to produce award-winning, patented designs based on breakthrough technologies. A good example of this is our tool-free, side-clamping adjustable stem design, which brings instant and easy-to-use height and angle adjustment to standard bicycle platforms.