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Since 1990, Super B has been providing the best bike tools and bike repair services to various users in the bike industry. From the beginning, we are a group who love to ride a bike and enjoy repairing bikes by ourselves. Therefore, we put our passion into making good bike tools to improve our repair efficiency. 


Until today, Super B has spread this spirit to the world, including bike shops, professional mechanics, home mechanics, and athletes. To provide the best experience with Super B tools to our customers around the world, we have introduced a strict inspection system in every single department from manufacturing to packaging, just would like to ensure every product we made is perfect, we believe it could help users to increase their trust with Super B. 


Now, the bike environment is an ever-changing industry, to overcome this situation, Super B will keep working hard to make more and more friendly products for all of you and write down the history belonging to everyone who ever used Super B products around the world.


The higher mountain needs higher passion and insistence to challenge. Super B has come a long way to stand here.  


Our goal is to build excellent bike tools to improve the skill and technology in the industry so that all users, whether you’re a professional, home mechanic, or a DIY end user, you can benefit from Super B tools. Where the Super B is, where this goal comes together.   


 As one of the tool manufacturers in the industry, Super B commits to providing a friendly environment to consumers, employees, partners, and society. The bigger and younger team of Research Development and Sales of Super B is passionate about new product creativity and customer service reliability, so we’d produce more unique designs than other traditional tools. 


Super B will be committed to integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations across the bike tool development cycle to fulfill the responsibility for the earth, then keep improving the innovativeness to exceed the expectations of clients. With all elements mentioned above, Super B will keep moving forward to present “Tool Excellence” to all of you.