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General questions

Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find what you're looking for - please just contact us.

Do I need a license to ride a Dyson e-bike?
The simple answer is no, you do not need a license to ride a Dyson electric bike. Our pedal assist electric bikes are built to the European Standard EN15194, which is considered a bicycle and legal to ride on public roads without a licence according to Australian laws. You can ride on public roads and cycling paths under the same regulations as for a regular push bike. 

The Bondi step-through and Tilba models are equipped with a 200 Watt motor making them legal under earlier laws.

How heavy are the bikes?
Typically around 22-25kg including the battery pack.

How far will they go on a single charge?
The distance you can travel with the power-assist is dependent on many factors (such as hill angle and head winds) so this will vary from around 40-60 kilometres on one of our folding electric bikes to 40-100 kilometres on a fixed frame e-bike like The Hard Tail Evo or Bondi Step Through. You can still pedal like a regular bike should your battery become flat before you reach your destination.

On our current models we have altered the controller software to significantly extend the amount of time you can have assistance for in lower assist levels. For example level 1 will provide a maximum of 70 Watts, so you won't go as quickly, but you will have help for longer, around 7-hours constant running with a 15AH battery.

Do we stock spare batteries and chargers?

Yes, we stock spare parts for our electric bikes including spare batteries and chargers, refer to our spare parts section. Not every spare part is listed, if you can't find what you need please call or email us and we should be able to supply what you need.

Do we stock other spare parts such as components like tyres, chains, handlebars, wheels and seats?

Yes, these are also available, please refer to our spare parts section or call us if you can't find what you need as not all items are listed.

How long does it take to fully charge a flat battery?
Typically 4-8 hours. We recommend charging after each ride even if the battery is not completely flat as you will extend the life of your ebike battery pack.

How fast do our e-bikes go?
Due to national laws, the speed assistance is limited to 27kmh on pedal assist models with a 250 Watt motor. You can pedal as fast as you are able or willing to go downhill! The Bondi and Tilba models use a 200 Watt motor (and feature a throttle) and are not speed restricted.

Will riding an electric bike make me more attractive?

Yes ;)

What is the frame made from?
Our frames are made of 6061 grade Aluminium. We have chosen this grade for its strength, light weight and durability.

Can I ride one in the rain?
Yes, you can ride the bike in the rain without fear of being electrocuted. But, like a regular bike, you should dry the bike after the ride, particularly metal parts such as the chain and related components to prevent corrosion. 

While the bikes can cope with rain and regular moisture from splashes etc. you should not wash the bike with a garden hose and never use a pressure washer, this may force water past seals and cause damage to internal components. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes, you will need to comply with the same rules as regular bicycle riders on your electric bike.

What's the warranty like?
Our bikes are covered for 1 year on all components (terms and conditions apply). Take a look at our full warranty statement. You can also double your warranty on the electrical components to 2-years by registering online.

Do I have to pedal constantly or does the motor take control?
In Australia, laws state that all electric bikes (motors) must only be for 'assistance' if they are fitted with a 250 Watt motor. This means you do need to pedal lightly to engage the motor assist, however it's worth noting that this is very light pedalling! Our 200 Watt bikes, the Bondi and Tilba do have a twist thumb throttle (like a motor bike) as well as being a pedal assist electric bike.

How do I control the speed?
The on-board computer control unit will determine a comfortable speed based on the speed with which you pedal. The pedal assistance level, (1-5) will also affect the amount of power applied and in turn the speed at which you travel. Within in just a few journey’s you will quickly learn how to control your speed on your electric push bike.

Do you have mid-drive electric bikes?

Today Dyson Bikes only offer hub drive electric bikes under the Dyson Bikes brand. Mid-drive or crank drive motor systems (as offered by Bosch, Bafang, Yamaha and Shimano) do offer some advantages, but they also have some disadvantages - mainly higher cost! For example a Bosch equipped electric bike will typically be upwards of $4,000.

We do have available mid drive electric bikes from AVE, Benno, Orbea and Yuba in our Moorabbin store.

Higher cost doesn't necessarily mean a better bike. Before spending your hard earned cash, we encourage you to try our bikes as well. We have many happy customers who have tried both types and choose our bikes as they suit their needs better. We have dealers located all over Australia, find your nearest on the 'Where to Buy' page. 

Why are electric bikes considered low impact exercise?
An electric bike reduces the impact normal cycling can have on your back, shoulders, knees and arms. When riding into a head wind or up an incline, the electric motor will provide assistance (there will be no need to stand on your pedals or bear down on your arms/shoulders) and reduce the load on your body.

Do you sell kits to convert my existing bike?

No, we don't sell electric bike kits to convert bicycles into ebikes.

What if I get flat tyre?

If you need to remove the hub driven wheel it is only requires the motor to be unplugged, then it is practically the same as removing a wheel from a traditional bicycle. You can watch this video for further guidance.  

Are you the same company as the vacuum cleaners?

No, we are not related. And, before you ask, we can use the name as it is one of our founders' surnames. The other founder likes to say "our electric bikes don't suck" ; )  We are the registered tradmark owner, see listing here on IP Australia's websste.  

How do I find the serial number of my Dyson Electric Bike?

All Dyson E Bikes have a unique serial number stamped into the frame. Most models have the stamping on the bottom bracket, (this is the part of the frame the pedal crank goes through). A limited number of early bike's pre 2017 have the number on the head tube or behind the battery.

The number may be partially covered by wiring. If this is the case lay the bike carefully on it's side and use a torch to help read and move wires carefully as required. Later bikes mostly start with LF followed by numbers and end with DN. 

DO NOT turn the bike over and rest on handlebars and seat as this may damage the display and can introduce air in the brake system.

Why should I buy a Dyson Electric Bike?
A Dyson Bikes electric bike offers you the very best in value, quality and style! We are an Australian company and we are determined to offer high quality ebikes and support them with first class aftersales service.

If you would like to know more you can call us during business hours on 03 9532 3132 and you'll speak directly to us, not a call centre.