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Dyson Bikes

Dyson Bikes - We're Electric

While commuting to work on a bicycle is no new concept, for many people it is out of the question due to the distance, a lack of fitness or simply the sweat factor. For Naomi Dyson and her husband, David Metzke - all of the above was applicable when they started Dyson Bikes! 

David also suffered from severe arthritis so riding a regular pushie was just out of the question...until a trip to China 2011! Both Naomi and Dave had seen that throughout Asia, Europe and the UK electric bikes were increasingly helping to break the non-cycling cycle – and making getting from A to B a much smoother process.

So, after seeing the rise in e-bikes during a China business trip, and with a young family they wanted to spend more time with...the idea was born to develop their very own brand of electric bikes and create a lifestyle they had dreamed about. In 2013 Dyson Bikes was born.

“We wanted to ride e-bikes but the brands available were so expensive! We decided to create our own brand, cut out all the middlemen, agents and distributors and import the bikes ourselves in order to create e-bikes that were built to last but also at affordable prices," says Naomi.

"We love coming to work every day now - every time someone rides an e-bike for the first time, they smile! It's a great business to be in."