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Deepdive into the BESV TR-1 AM eMTB

<p>Dyson Bikes are the distributors for BESV's electric mountain bike - the TR-1AM. Our blog this month takes a deepdive into what makes it stand it the German made Borse motor with the best power-to-weight ratio and super quiet operation? Or is
it because it's built to the strictest automotive standards and has an insane 90Nm of maximum torque?  And then there's the simple three level power assist display which is fast and easy to operate and, depending on the assist level, the BESV TRB1 AM can
cover up to 200km on a single charge – it’s a pretty deep tank.</p> <p> </p>
The multi-award winning BESV electric bike company is a division of Darfon Electronics Corporation, the global electronics mega-company which was founded in 1997.
Darfon/BESV have long promoted a healthy environment and bike culture within its employees and we are guessing this is why BESV was founded on the following principles:
1. Beauty – BESV designs products that capture people’s imaginations, both in aesthetics and functionality.
2. Eco-friendly – BESV products contribute to improving the environment.
3. Smart – With advanced technologies, BESV bikes respond intuitively to different users and changing conditions.
4. Vision – Together these three principles form our vision for the future and thus the brand name BESV.
The BESV TRB1 AM is the realisation of all these principles, so let’s take a closer look at what sets it far apart from other eMTB's.

The power station.

The first component is its whopper of a 756Whr battery, which is clearly in a class of its own. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, relentlessly powering you up hills and around the tightest corners any track can throw at you. When other electric bikes run out of juice, the BESV TRB1 AM keeps your senses pounding. The latest Lithium-Ion technology ensures long life for ride after ride – and the 4 Amp charger has you back on the tracks fast.
besv e-mtb mid air

Talking torque.

So where do all those glorious 756Whrs go? The German made Borse motor with the best power-to-weight ratio and super quiet operation. It is built to the strictest automotive standards and has an insane 90Nm of maximum torque – and the thoroughly tested reliability of the Borse motor ensures that world of yours keeps on turning for years to come.

besv motor  

Frame it up.

To house this one of a kind motor and battery combination of the BESV TRB1 AM  The advanced BESV design is extremely refined to not only offer excellent battery protection, but to also offer extreme rigidity to help with easy and responsive handling of whatever terrain you choose to tackle. This downright thing of beauty is capped off with a Horst link suspension system with a RockShox Monarch shock and a monster of a RockShox Yari RC front fork with a ride-smoothing 140mm of suspension travel.
 besv frame

The finishing touches.

Other high-end componentry includes Shimano Deore XT 11-Speed rear derailleur for snappy and smooth gear changes. The Magura MT4 disc brakes with 203mm rotors will see to it that you can stop this beast of an e-mtb quickly and safely. With tyres being the only thing that actually touch the ground, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic tyres at 27.5” x 2.8” will give you an assured and always-in-control ride. BESV have even spared your butt a thought and have provided you with the KS LEV Si dropper seat post, which can be adjusted on the fly to accommodate all environments and riding positions.

The smarts.

The simple three level power assist control is fast and easy to operate ebike. Depending on the assist level, the BESV TRB1 AM can cover up to 200km on a single charge – it’s a pretty deep tank. The BESV Sport App (Android and iOS) offers gems such as offline maps, navigation, weather conditions and calorie burn calculators. The built-in Bluetooth module can remotely monitor battery charging and self-diagnosis of the status of the electric bike.

besv display

But hey, don’t just take our word for it.
Read this great review from Electric Bike Review:
"It comes with one of my favorite motors, an excellent display, phenomenal battery pack (BESV’s parent company Darfon makes batteries, solar panels, and other electronics). The all-black suspension is functional and great looking, the thru-axles provide strength for the larger tires and heavier frame, and the wide range of gears let you engage with the bike naturally. It’s a perfect balance of natural pedaling and natural drive system power delivery that makes you feel like a professional athlete. With the plus sized tires, the
heavier bike won’t sink into soft terrain or deflect off of rocks as easily and they provide even more vibration dampening comfort, along with the suspension." Read more.

The BESV TRB1 AM has also won the following awards:

2018 German Design Award Winner – Excellent Product Design / Bicycles and E-Bikes
2018 Taiwan Excellence Gold Award
2017 Japan Good Design Award
2017 Taipei Cycle d&I award

So you want more...     

Excellence, not compromise, was clearly at the forefront of the highly skilled design and manufacturing teams at BESV, when they created this one of a kind terrain taming ebike. If you would like to experience it for yourself, contact Dyson Bikes directly and we’ll put a smile on your dial.