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Where we came from

Originally established in 1998, GripSport started out as a boutique engineering company working exclusively in the bicycle industry. Despite operating out of a 36-square metre backyard workshop, the tiny company quickly earned itself an enviable reputation for both its product designs and, what was then, an exciting new approach to bicycle frame repairs and modification.

After 10 years of problem-solving and product development in the backyard “shed”, GripSport expanded out to eventually occupy three factories side-by-side in Melbourne’s North. During this time (in Thomastown) It dropped the bicycle frame repair, modification and restoration work, stopped taking on design and prototyping work for other companies and in fact closed its doors entirely to “outside” work.

The company had very clearly defined its purpose and direction and turned its focus exclusively to the innovative design and clever manufacture of its own products… in particular, its range of bike racks for cars, caravans, SUVs, trailers and 4WDs. 

A few milestones…

In 2015, GripSport began developing and testing the first ever bike rack carrier and mounting system designed specifically for caravans, camper trailers and RVs. Today, the GripSport “Van-Rack”  is being fitted and/or recommended by dozens of Australia’s top caravan/camper manufacturers and is considered by most to be the “industry standard”. These racks are also being distributed nationwide via a network of more than 170  GripSport dealers.

In 2018, GripSport began its push to export its products overseas. Distribution and marketing have since been set up across the ditch in New Zealand and the brand has been gaining recognition and respect there ever since.

In 2021, GripSport moved from it Thomastown location into a new, purpose-built manufacturing facility in neighbouring Campbellfield. With nearly four times the space and more than enough room to grow, GripSport is pushing forward with its plans for expansion and is investing heavily in the best equipment and the best people.

And here we are now

We’ve always been passionate about what we do, about being an innovative all-Australian design and manufacturing company and about “leading” rather than just “following”.

Every GripSport product starts life as either a way to fill customer need,  a way to fill a hole in the market, or a way to fix a problem found with other products already out there on the market. Because of this philosophy, GripSport bike racks are renowned for their clever designs, ease of use and robust construction and they seem to be loved by everybody who uses them, from mountain bikers to roadies as well as caravaners and off-road 4WD adventurers.