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Celebrities embracing electric bikes

The e-bike revolution keeps on rolling with more and more riders embracing this no-brainer approach to riding bicycles. But be warned – just about everyone who rides an electric bike for the first time wants to buy one. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so. :)

Celebrities are just like you and me. Yep, they too want to ride electric bikes, because it’s good for you, it’s practical and an easy way to get around. Electric bikes also make it downright fun too. We could also throw in a line about the environment, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Richard Branson, the grand-dude of business, started in the music business and then whistled his way to space travel via Virgin Airlines and Virgin Trains, but nowadays he can be spotted on an e-bike, chewing up the miles. Another senior citizen, albeit from the other end of the spectrum, Prince Charles, has also been caught on camera, pedalling an e-bike – as has King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, arguably the bicycle capital of the world. And get this, 87 year old William Shatner, is also an e-bike enthusiast. We kid you not. Shatner now owns 14 for his extended family (his quote “the older you get, the bigger a fan you become of electric bikes”) and is now the Brand Ambassador and shareholder for his preferred electric bike brand.

OK so you think everyone wants an e-bike when they get to that age… Ah, not so fast, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are e-bike devotees – and very much on the young side of things, but maybe not riding together anymore. Vin Diesel and Leonardo DiCaprio need little in the way of introduction and you guessed it, they too love their e-bikes. Billionaire and the man behind Tesla electric cars, Elon Musk, understandably has also embraced e-bikes in a big way – he keeps 4 in his garage!

Jess and Leo on dyson ebikes
Jessica and Leonardo enjoying a ride on a Dyson e-bike...stop the press! 

Jessica Alba has been seen on her cargo e-bike and Blake Lively has also taken the plunge to the world of e-bikes. The culinary expert and Michelin-starred chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli, also takes to his e-bike, when he’s not whipping up his delicacies. Even the highly respected and multi award-winning Canadian rapper Drake has been spotted riding a fat e-bike. We wouldn’t mind hearing him bust a rhyme or two about that. Yo.  

Canadian rapper, Drake, rides a fat e-bike - you can too!
You can be the Drake of your street with our heavily reduced fat e-bike, the Thredbo now just $1999 (down from $2399).

While there are still those among the population who may turn their nose up at the idea of a power assisted bike, this isn’t stopping celebrities from continuing to ride the e-bike wave.  Ellen DeGeneres, Gene Hackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vin Diesel and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

ellen on ebike
Ellen on an ebike [image courtesy of her instagram]

For the most part, celebrities are riding e-bikes to help save the planet. Shatner says “Every coastal city is facing either annoyances or inundation, and what we’ve done from the top of the government down is bury our head in total denial.”

For others, it’s the appeal of getting a workout on hills – Mitch Klebanoff (Beverly Hills Ninja) says “I love biking, but I’m not the kind of biker who can go up a long hill, so an electric bike works for me. Where I live – it’s a tough ride.”

See, the rich and famous are indeed just like the rest of us. They need help on the hills, they need a little exercise and want to help the environment - and all on e-bikes – they are accessible, functional and fun.

If you’d like us to offer you the ultimate proof, get in touch and take one for a test ride at our Moorabbin location or at one of our dealers across Australia