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Stock Availability

Due to global supply chain issues stock availablity can be subject to disruptions. The list below shows when we are expecting to receive stock of e-bikes that are currently out of stock.

We endevour to keep this list up to date, but as many supply issues are out of our control and subject to change at any moment we ask you to consider this list as indicative only.

While we may be out of stock you may find a bike at an authorised Dealer, full list here.


Last updated  8 November 2023


Adventure Folding 20-inch - Blue and Midnight Blue

- New stock due 16 November 

Adventure Folding 24-inch - Black and Orange

- Out of stock - next shipment early 2024

Adventure Folding 26-inch  - Black and Orange

- In stock

Bondi All Versions

- White 11.6Ah only

Mixte RTC

- Out of Stock due around mid December 2023

Hard Tail Evo RTC

- In stock

Mixte 8-speed

- 14Ah  - In Stock

- 17.5Ah - In Stock

Hard Tail Evo 

- 14Ah  - In Stock

- 17.5Ah - In Stock

Tilba All Versions

- Both colours in stock 11.6Ah battery only.